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11.04.14 12:10

The Younguns Freestyle Tour starts this weekend up in North Wales! Take part in any of the events and you can enter for the Palm Up & Coming award and the Palm Creative Media award. This year is going to be bigger than ever!

09.04.14 21:23

I first started coaching sea kayaking ten years ago and back then, from a personal perspective, the female participation in the sport was about 5%. Over the years there has been a steady increase in the numbers and I now get about 25% or so on my Sea Kayaking Anglesey courses. While this is a positive move in the right direction I think the ratio can and should be closer to 50%. So why isn't it?

09.04.14 08:45

The 2nd annual Ladies Paddle Symposium took place in North Wales this weekend with over 100 ladies signed up for talks, coaching, paddling and fun. Kate Ingham gives us the lowdown on this year's event.

06.04.14 23:00

Of winter travels to warmer counties: the good life in Cyprus and Uganda. Of hyrdo scheme dams, kayaking, lifestyle, environment and people. This winter I had to leave the UK, so we made plans to head to warmer countries. In January we went for a little off the water trip to Cyprus for a few weeks. After Cyprus we flew to Uganda to catch up on some wave kayaking, which we've missed for last two years.

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